Bach Flower Remedies

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Chicory Flower

Developed in the 1930s by the English physician Dr Edward Bach, the Bach flower essences are used worldwide to promote psychological balance and emotional harmony. Dr Bach discovered that certain flowers had an extraordinary ability to free his patients from their negative attitudes and feelings, which resulted in their improved health and happiness. Neither a drug nor a herbal medicine, the Bach flower remedies are simple to understand and easy to use. They have no side effects or counter-indications and work well with all forms of medicine. The essences’ effects on the psyche are subtle and gentle; changes happen only at the rate and to the degree that the person is willing to experience them.

Rio Hibler, Certified Bach Flower Practitioner

Rio Hibler, Certified
Bach Flower Practitioner

If you look under Bach Flower Repertory, you’ll see short descriptions of the 39 different remedies. You can use those descriptions to choose the remedy you think is suited to you, or you can contact Rio, a Certified Bach Flower Practitioner.

A Certified Bach Flower Practitioner is a consultant  skilled at helping you understand both the remedies and yourself. Rio will help you discover which combination of remedies is just right for you, and every consultation includes a bottle of your personalized blend of essences to support you in making the emotional shift you desire. Rio also offers lectures, classes and study groups for those wishing to learn more about the Bach flower system. Contact her for upcoming events or check the calendar.