Bach Remedies for Over-Care for Welfare of Others

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December 14, 2013
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March 26, 2014
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These are the remedies that Dr. Bach placed in the category of “Over-Care for Welfare of Others.” Each remedy in this category addresses a need to make other people’s behavior more important than is necessary for our best interests.  If, after reading the essences’ keywords here and their fuller descriptions in the Repertory Gallery, you’re still not sure which ones are right for you, contact Rio.

  • Vine Vine Domineering, autocratic, controlling. Inflexible. Knows best for all.
  • Vervain Vervain Strain from over-effort, over enthusiasiasm. Sensitive to injustice, fanatical. Passionate perfectionist, “runs a thing to death.”
  • Rock Water Rock Water Self-repression, self-denial. Ridgity. Concern with setting an example for others.
  • Chicory Chicory Possessive, manipulative. Gives conditionally. Feel unappreciated, easily offended, or rejected.
  • Beech Beech Intolerant, critical. To see more beauty and good instead of faults and flaws.


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