Bach Remedies for Over-Sensitivity to Influence and Ideas
December 14, 2013
Bach Remedies for Over-Care for Welfare of Others
December 14, 2013
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These are the remedies that Dr. Bach placed in the category of “For Despondency or Despair,” which can be different than depression. For other forms of depression, see the category Insufficient Interest In Present. If, after reading the essences’ keywords here and their fuller descriptions in the Repertory Gallery, you’re still not sure which ones are right for you, contact Rio                                          

  • Elm Elm Overwhelmed by responsibilities. Feeling inadequate to demands of situation.
  • Willow Willow Resentment, bitterness, blame. Grudging, ungrateful. Sulky, grumbling. Feels life is unfair.
  • Sweet Chestnut Sweet Chestnut Despair, dejection. Anguish of bereavement. At limit of endurance, can go no further. Helplessness.
  • Star Of Bethlehem Star Of Bethlehem Shock. Grief from sudden bad news or shocking event. Resistance to consolation.
  • Pine Pine Regret. Sadness. Self-reproach, guilt, self-blame, even when not your responsibility.
  • Oak Oak Complete exhaustion. Mental and physical burnout. No strength left.
  • Larch Larch Lack of confidence. Fear of failure.
  • Crab Apple Crab Apple Obsessive-compulsive; over-focused on detail or hygiene. Shame or humiliation; poor self-image. Feelings of toxicity or uncleanness.


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