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October 2, 2013
Bach Remedies for Uncertainty
December 14, 2013
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These are the remedies that Dr. Bach placed in the category “For Those Who Have Fear.” Each remedy in this category addresses a particular kind of fear. If, after reading the essences’ keywords here and their fuller descriptions in the Repertory Gallery, you’re still not sure which ones are right for you, contact Rio.

  • Rock Rose Rock Rose Panic. Terror. Extreme fright (i.e., stage fright, accidents, fear for own life)
  • Mimulus Mimulus Identifiable, everyday fears (illness, ageing, poverty, etc). Phobias. Timidity, shyness, nervousness.
  • Cherry Plum Cherry Plum Fear of losing control. Desperation. Feeling like exploding.
  • Aspen Aspen Vague or irrational fears. Apprehension. Fear of the unknown.
  • Red Chestnut Red Chestnut Anxiety or fear for another’s well-being. Fearing the worst.


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