Bach Remedies for Over-Sensitivity to Influence and Ideas

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December 14, 2013
Bach Remedies for Despondency or Despair
December 14, 2013
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These are the remedies that Dr. Bach placed in the category of “For Those Over-sensitive to Influence and Ideas.” In this category, each essence addresses a different way we allow societal conventions or someone else’s needs to keep us from attending to our own needs.  If, after reading the essences’ keywords here and their fuller descriptions in the Repertory Gallery, you’re still not sure which ones are right for you, contact Rio.

  • Walnut Walnut For protection during change. To break links with the past; to support endeavors from distraction.
  • Holly Holly Suspiciousness, jealousy, envy. Hatred, bad-temper. Vexed.
  • Centaury Centaury Subservience. Weakness of will.
  • Agrimony Agrimony Restlessness, anxiety, denial of feelings. Hiding behind a cheerful exterior.


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