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September 30, 2013
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December 14, 2013
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Detective It’s easy to choose the right essences, all you have to do is notice how you’re feeling right now! Create a word picture of your overall emotional state. Jot those feelings down, preferably in single, simple words. The essences also address mental attitudes, so write down words that describe your thoughts and behavior at this time as well.

Then go theĀ  Bach Repertory page and scan the keywords for each essence. Look for the words that most align with how you’re feeling, thinking or behaving, and read about the essences that correspond to those states.

There may be one remedy that speaks to you strongly, or there may seem like too many. If you see many essences that appeal to you, try to narrow down the feelings that seem most important at this time.

For example, let’s say you’re angry with someone because they haven’t gotten back to you about something you consider important, and you’re confused and uncomfortable about approaching them about it. So you go back and forth, unable to decide how to handle the matter. Look at your feelings one step at a time, starting with the most immediate: (1st) you’re indecisive about how to proceed [Scleranthus], because (2nd) you don’t trust yourself to say the right thing [Cerato], because (3rd) you’re uncomfortable engaging in a possible confrontation [Agrimony], because (4th) you resent their lack of response that’s forcing you to be proactive [Willow].

Start by addressing the first, most available feelings – the ones that present themselves most readily. Sometimes if you just unravel those more superficial negative emotions, the rest will sort themselves out – and, if not, then the deeper or less clear feelings will become more evident once the first essences have done their job.

When you’re new to the Bach Flower Remedies, it’s good to stick to two or three at a time in order to simplify your awareness of changes; this helps to learn about yourself better, too. But you can mix up to seven at a time if you’re sure that many apply with equal importance. If you’re still unsure about which ones apply best to your situation, or you can’t narrow it down to six or seven essences, or if you’ve tried some remedies that didn’t quite seem to do the trick, contact me and we will figure out a blend of essences that is perfect for you!


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