Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the Bach Flower Remedies:

Q: What are flower remedies?  A: Flower remedies, or essences, are water-based tinctures of the buds and blossoms of flowering plants.  Considered “vibrational” or “energetic” medicine, they are sometimes referred to as homeopathic because they do not contain any chemical properties of the substances from which they are made. However, flower remedies are a unique type of vibrational healing and do not qualify as classical homeopathic remedies in that they are not subject to dilution or succussion for potentization.

Q: How are they made and what do they contain?  A: They are made by placing freshly bloomed flowers into water and then exposing the flowers and water to either sunshine or boiling (see preparation methods). The mixture is strained so that no particulates remain and alcohol is added to ensure sterility and shelf-life.

Q: How do they work?  A: As with all vibrational medicines, no one knows exactly how they work, but it is thought by experienced practitioners that the water in which the flowers are placed, helped by sun or heat, holds an imprint of the energetic characteristics of the plant, or its “personality.” This imprint, i.e., the essence of the flower, is imparted to us by physical contact with the solution, usually by ingestion.

Q: What do they do?  A: When we are out of balance with ourselves we often turn to nature in order to feel better. The properties of the plants found in the Bach Remedies were chosen for their ability to harmonize particular negative or unbalanced characteristics in our personalities. By acting upon the subtler aspects of our psyches, addressing attitudes and emotions, the Bach Remedies promote healing from within, with any effects upon the body being subsequent to shifts in in our mood and perspective.

Q: What can Bach Remedies do for me?  A: Case studies collected over 80 years have shown that the Bach essences contribute to a happier, healthier state of mind. Your experience will be uniquely your own depending on the needs of your personality, but most people report feeling more relaxed, more accepting, more understanding, and less worried and stressed when navigating life’s demanding  situations.

Q: What is involved in a consultation?  A: In a consultation, a Bach Flower Practitioner helps you define which of your attitudes and emotions plays the biggest part in keeping you from feeling satisfaction in your life. This is done by finding out a little of your past and current circumstances, but mostly by inquiring into your present feelings toward these circumstances. It is not necessary to divulge information that you wish to keep private, but it is important to discuss your moods and feelings and attitudes as openly as you are able, with the understanding that everything discussed during the consultation remains absolutely confidential.

Q: How long does it take to feel an effect and how long does the effect last?  A: Most people are able to feel a subtle shift or change within three days; for long-standing conditions, it can take three to six weeks. The Bach Remedies are very flexible in that they can be used superficially, for acute situations, or profoundly, for chronic situations. Depending upon how entrenched the patterns are that you are addressing, some feelings may resurface many times, others may disappear permanently after only brief use. Generally, for recent or immediate situations, one to three weeks is enough to effect a positive change; for deeply-rooted conditions, you would want to consider a concerted use of the essences, for several months or more.

“Nothing in nature can hurt us when we are happy and in harmony; on the contrary, all nature is there for our use and our enjoyment.”   – Dr. Edward Bach