With skilled guidance from a Bach Flower Practitioner, your experience with the essences is always a positive one, well worth sharing! If you’re enthused about the positive changes the Bach Remedies bring to your life as a result of your consultation with Rio, consider adding your experience to the list of happy clients, below.

John Kojis, D.C. (Vancouver, WA) wrote, “I feel better already! Rio has a very good knowledge of the essences and their application, and is very perceptive in guiding the choice of a remedy while being respectful of boundaries.”

Travis Kane, L.Ac. (Portland, OR) says, “Whenever I work with Rio it’s a pretty in-depth exploration of my experience over the last couple of months. I find she’s got an amazing grasp of the Bach Remedies and is very fluent in emotions. She’s able to easily analyze whatever I’m bringing to the table and come up with a formula that’s really effective and life-changing for me every time. I’m very thankful I’ve gotten to work with her.”

Rebecca Reese, M.D. (Portland, OR) wrote: “Dear Rio, I appreciate the Bach flower remedy that you prepared for me.  It was very helpful in a difficult situation. I would use your expertise again.”

Michelle Valentino (Portland, OR), is a BodyTalk Practitioner who says, “I very much enjoy my sessions with Rio, and getting to learn about the Bach Flowers and how they might apply to me. I find her very knowledgeable about the nuances of the differences in the essences, and really enjoy using the formulas she makes for me.”

Alicia B. (Oak Grove, OR) notices she “feels more composed, more together; just really nice,” and her son “stopped having night terrors after just three days and started falling asleep much better.”

Mark O. (Boston, MA) said, “Initially, I was very skeptical about the effectiveness of Bach flower essences. Four months later, I am now a firm believer in the effectiveness of this methodology. Rio’s knowledge of the remedies has helped me through a very difficult period of emotional turmoil.  Her interviewing techniques and the essences she gave me were just what was needed to deal with the emotional trauma.”