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May 7, 2013
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September 30, 2013
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Flower remedies are water-based tinctures of the buds or blossoms of flowering plants. Considered “vibrational” or “energetic” medicine, they are neither herbal medicine nor do they qualify as classical homeopathic remedies, but they are sometimes referred to as homeopathic because of the negligible amount of the key substance within the water. They are experienced to have a balancing action upon the subtler aspects of the psyche, addressing the mind and emotions, with any effects upon the body being subsequent to beneficial shifts in mood or personality. All the Bach Flower Remedies are made from only non-toxic plants and waters, and prepared by Sun or Boiling Method, below. (See full description of process at

Sun Method CeratoThe Sun Method:
Blossoms from plants and trees that bloom in summer are floated in spring water in full sun for three hours, then strained so no particulates are left and brandy added as a preservative.

Boiling Method Wild RoseThe Boiling Method:
Buds and flowers from trees, bushes and plants that bloom during less sunny times of the year are boiled in spring water and left outside to cool. That water is then strained of all particulates and bottled with brandy as a preservative.


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