Workshops & Classes

“This was an excellent class; I learned so much! You have a gift for teaching. I am looking forward to expanding my emotional vocabulary. So helpful.” Linda J., LMT, Portland, OR

“This class surpassed my expectations. I felt I took the class at a perfect time in my life. You did a wonderful job relating to us. You made a warm, inviting environment to open up in. Thank you for everything.” Sam R., Vancouver, WA

“I really enjoyed the class. I learned so much about the remedies and flowers and how to apply them. Definately a lot of information to be practiced and studied. I felt the material was presented well. Thank you so much for a great class!” Denice M., R.N., Portland, OR

30-hour Intermediate Intensive in the Bach Flower Remedies

This five-day course covers the complete healing capabilities of the 39 original flower essence remedies as developed by Dr. Edward Bach and will help you develop confidence and skill in choosing from the entire repertory. Appropriate for anyone with an interest in flower essence remedies, from beginners to experienced users, this course is also recommended to practitioners in both traditional and holistic health-care practices.

• History of Edward Bach and the development of flower remedies
• Dr. Bach’s philosophy of wellness and self-healing
• Botanical background of each essence
• Distinguish emotional groups and their corresponding essences
• Identify and memorize each essence’s indications and applications
• Develop better understanding of your emotional patterns and feelings; how to self-diagnose and match essences; how to blend correct remedies for yourself, or patients if you are already a practitioner

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Each 2½-hour workshop covers five to six Bach Flower Remedies that address commonly experienced problems within the following topics.

Grief and Trauma and the Bach Flower Remedies

This workshop covers the topic of healing and integrating death, loss, or other experiences from which we feel we can’t recover. There are a number of Bach flower remedies that are instrumental in assisting the healing process of grief and trauma. By helping to digest and release difficult-to-forget experiences, these remedies allow us to live more fully in the present, without the constant pain or reminders of the past.

Families, Children, and the Bach Flower Remedies

This workshop covers commonly experienced problems of caretaking for loved ones, young and old. Learn about the remedies that renew your ability to love yourself as well as your family members, making family responsibilities more joyful. Learn, too, about some helpful remedies for children’s issues.

Career and Jobs: Work and the Bach Flower Remedies

In the workplace, getting along and getting ahead often conflict. This workshop covers the remedies that help to ease professional dissatisfaction. No job? There are remedies for the stress of job hunting and for finding your true path in life as well. Bach flower remedies can help to define goals, produce more satisfaction from an existing job, and give confidence in new endeavors.

Relationships and the Bach Flower Remedies

Nothing gets accomplished in life without other people; we are “in relationship” with everyone. Whether you’re seeking more harmony in an intimate relationship or just want to get along better with family, friends, and co-workers, this workshop can help you to find the remedies that ease and harmonize your interactions with others.

Ageing and the Bach Flower Remedies

This workshop covers remedies relating to perspectives that often accompany our later years in life. A number of the Bach flower remedies address the adjustments and demands of ageing, producing a new self-acceptance that can help to make our later years some of our most satisfying and productive yet.


Feelings can be hard to identify; they’re tenuous, tricky to pin down, and our ego doesn’t like admitting uncomfortable truths. But pinning down feelings and attitudes, recognizing and defining them, is crucial to being able to successfully use the Bach Flower Remedies: we have to identify our negative feelings before we can identify the corresponding remedy for those feelings.

In this 3-hour workshop, participants will receive a brief introduction to the history of Dr. Bach, the development of flower essences, and the seven basic emotional groups into which the 39 remedies are categorized. Participants will then journal their feelings, using free-writing, question-and-answer, synonym building, and key-word matching to hone their journey of self-discovery and remedy choosing.

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